Emerald is a precious Gemstone of green color. It is also known as Panna Gemstone. It is worn for Mercury and allowed cold green radiation to be absorbed by the wearer enabling him to have perfect control of nervous and intestinal portions, liver,  tissues, lunges, vocal cord, tongue and nervous system. Emerald Gemstone specially recommended for business men, writers, printers, publishers, dealers of scientific instruments. This Gemstone is also useful for any ailment connected with these functions, defect in recalling, stammering, harshness in voice, students having week IQ and for women in delivery bed fearing complications.



Emerald gemstone : is basically ruled the planet Mercury. Some of the astrological benefits of wearing emerald or Panna stone are:

• It improves the concentration power of the wearer and helps them in doing further studies in a successful manner.
• Emerald is considered to be the best gemstone for those who are in the field of art, music, fashion industry, and medical line
• This precious gemstone possesses great healing powers and helps the wearer overcome allergies, lung diseases, and skin related ailments.
• It helps the wearer keeping enemies at bay


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