Vastu Shastra

Vastu is the branch of occult science that deals with various various directions of house that captures five elements of nature that acts as a balancing factor between man and material. There are lot of ancient principles that govern the quality of land and house in which we live. They can have profound impact on our life. If the design of the house is spiritually correct it can maximize the positive energy and minimize the negative energy making our life healthier, more prosperous and contended.

Positive vibrations can be harbinger of good omen and negative vibrations; on the other hand can create disturbances. There is a purpose in the right directional architecture and position. These five elements provides necessary environment and our life absorbs the energy churned out by these five elements.

The building with right orientation improves quality of life and there should not be any doubt about it. Buildings with wrong orientation bring tragic turns in life and decay faster. Vastu is essential while buying a plot and it helps you to study shape of land and nature of soil, how to deal with interiors and it is so deep that it even teaches you the right color combination for your home.

Vastu Effects as per Positions

North - Peace and prosperity

East - Harbinger of wealth

South - Tragedy

West - Physical Relation and abdominal troubles

North West - Enmity

South West - Problems in relationship with son

South East - Brings death in the family

Center of the House - Suffer from heavy monetary lose

Principles of Vastu Shastra

According to Hindu mythology our surroundings is made of five basic elements, Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space. It is the different cosmic energy fields from which we derive benefits in the life. Energy received from Northeast direction.

As known in the material science north-east is considered as a positive pole and the south-west is a negative pole. This is precisely why our houses should have wider openings while the southwest should have smaller openings.

Vastu Tips for Buying Plots

The triangular, L-shaped and diamond shape, humped shape plots should be avoided while purchasing. Portions of the land on the north-west side are not good. If you are planning to buy a plot near some public place such as temple, hospital or factory, a distance of at least 80 feet should be considered. However, there are certain false things have been propagated related to land or plot that buying a plot or land from leprosy affected man should be avoided. This is wrong notion and nothing else. Vastu principles state that square plots are ideal for house construction. One should not start construction if a female member of your household is more than seven months pregnant. This brings bad luck.

Vastu for House

Main doors and windows: They should be located in the east. This allows the positive energy to flow into the room.

Living room: Construction on the west side or south side of your front room should be avoided.

Bedroom: West or north-west direction for males is suitable.

Bathroom: West and south is preferable direction


Dining Room: Near kitchen and south-east, north-west, or north-east corner of the house is recommended.

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