Angarak Dosh, also known as Mangal Dosh or Kuja Dosh, is a belief in Vedic astrology that suggests the presence of negative energies in one’s birth chart due to the unfavorable positioning of Mars (Mangal). These imbalances can result in challenges in various aspects of life, particularly in relationships and marriage. Kalpesh Astro Services provides expert guidance on how to address and mitigate the effects of Angarak Dosh. Here are key insights and remedies:

Angarak Dosh1. Understanding Angarak Dosh:
Angarak Dosh occurs when Mars is unfavorably positioned in one’s birth chart, which can lead to issues related to temperament, anger, and relationships. It is often associated with challenges in marriage and partnerships.
2. Identifying Angarak Dosh:
Kalpesh Astro Services can analyze your birth chart to determine the presence and severity of Angarak Dosh. This involves examining the positioning of Mars and its interactions with other celestial bodies in your chart.
3. Wearing a Coral Gemstone:
Wearing a high-quality coral gemstone (known as “Moonga” in Vedic astrology) is believed to pacify the effects of Mars and Angarak Dosh. Kalpesh Astro Services can guide you on how to choose and wear this gemstone for maximum benefit.
4. Chanting Mantras:
Reciting specific mantras associated with Mars, such as the “Mangal Beej Mantra” or “Mangal Gayatri Mantra,” can help balance the energy of Mars and mitigate the adverse effects of Angarak Dosh. Kalpesh Astro Services can provide guidance on the correct pronunciation and frequency of chanting these mantras.
5. Performing Remedial Pujas:
Participating in Vedic rituals and pujas dedicated to Lord Hanuman or Lord Subramanya (both associated with Mars) can help appease the energies of Mars and reduce the impact of Angarak Dosh. Kalpesh Astro Services can recommend suitable pujas and rituals.           

6. Donations and Charitable Acts:
Making donations and engaging in charitable acts on Tuesdays (the day of Mars) can help reduce the negative effects of Angarak Dosh. Kalpesh Astro Services can advise on the types of donations and charitable activities that are most effective.
7. Marriage Compatibility Analysis:
For those facing challenges in marriage due to Angarak Dosh, Kalpesh Astro Services can provide detailed marriage compatibility analysis to help you find a suitable partner with a compatible astrological profile.

8. Professional Astrological Guidance:
To effectively address Angarak Dosh and its impacts on your life, it is essential to seek the guidance of a professional astrologer with expertise in this specific dosha. Kalpesh Astro Services has the knowledge and experience to provide the right remedies tailored to your individual situation.
9. Patience and Persistence:
Resolving Angarak Dosh is a gradual process that requires patience and persistence. Kalpesh Astro Services can support you on this journey and offer ongoing guidance to help you overcome the challenges associated with this dosha.
Kalpesh Astro Services is dedicated to helping individuals balance the effects of Angarak Dosh and find relief from its impacts on their lives. By following the recommended remedies and guidance, you can work towards mitigating the negative effects of Mars and Angarak Dosh, improving your relationships, and achieving greater harmony and well-being in your life.

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